Luxusní postele LUXURY SLEEPING


A precisely manufactured headboard with upholstered decorative buttons and stitched frame turns this bed into a valuable and tasteful pride of your bedroom at first sight. In combination with a bold choice of upholstering you will emphasize the uniqueness of this bed.


The bed consists of a base system, so called boxspring (also in adjustable version) and main mattresses with Inside Pockets - a patented technology of doubled pocket springs (options). The headboard is upholstered and manually elaborated to the last detail. You may choose from a huge variety od materials and colours.  


Traditional manufacturer of manuály, custom-made high continental beds, adjustable beds and mattresses. Made with the finest  natural materials for 100 years and awarded by the Dutch Royal Family the beds guarantee a superb night's sleept that will leave you feeling well rested, fresh and full of energy for the day.

Kuperus mattresses are manufactured individually based on the cusotmer´ requirements as it goes to hardness of the mattress. Incorporated massage system could be applied directly in your mattress. Your luxurious mattress provides you with a massage every day at your home.

Traditional manufacturer of high continental beds, adjustable beds, upholstered beds and mattresses. The beds use the latest technologies and come with a, unique spring system Inside Pocket Spring, modern adjustable systems and accessories – a guarantee of a healthy night's sleep and rest.

Bed linen and home textiles from the SLABBINCK brand offers a unique decoration of every household, in bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. They provide  exquisite collections with top quality and timeless design. SLABBINCK linen and textiles triggers the imagination of customers who can design their own decorations for bed linen, towels and table cloths. You can became the designer of your own collection. Tailoring for your home.