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LUXURY SLEEPING – we are the only multi-brand showroom of luxury beds in the Czech market with the longest tradition. We have the honour of presenting unique beds of renowned global brands of the best manufacturers producing high continental beds. Manual craft production with long tradition and royal award guarantees the best quality.

We are proud to operate on the Czech and Slovak markets since 2008 as the exclusive representative of proven brands PULLMAN, KUPERUS, TRECA, SLABBINCK and DOMMELIN – the best manufacturers of beds and accessories.

Our mission from the very beginning was to bring quality and healthy sleep into Czech households so that everyone could always be well relaxed. Since good sleep guarantees a successful day.



The advantage of our beds lies in the fact that these are brands of foreign manufacturers with a long tradition and even a royal award for maintaining the best quality for more than 100 years. It is the experience passed by master craftsmen from generation to generation that guarantee quality processing of every bed component. Careful selection and composition of natural materials guarantees the best properties for healthy sleep.

A credible story, provable tradition and honest attitude stand behind our brands. Nowadays it is essential to be cautious about choosing the brand of a valuable bed since there are many offers with various fabricated stories of newly created brands on the market that may be confusing for customers. At the time when we imported beds from real foreign masters, these newly created brands did not even exist.

To get a good night rest, you need guidance and counselling from people who know what they talk about and are long-term specialists in this area. And that is what we do when a customer comes into our showroom. We see our work as a mission. We know not only the manufacturers of beds that we represent but also their suppliers, i.e. suppliers of our suppliers. We just go deep. We know everything about the final product (bed or mattress) but we also know the characteristics and processing of materials that the product consists of and that is why we are able to help our customers to choose the right bed till the very last detail. Ten years ago we were the first multi-brand shop with genuine continental beds in the Czech Republic!



The secret of a successful day lies in adequate sleep during night. And such sleep can only be ensured by quality manually custom-made high continental bed made of several components according to your choice.

We pay attention so that our customers would be satisfied not only during shopping when they are treated professionally but we also take care of our customers even after buying a bed. We inquire their satisfaction with their choice, offer special offers and look after their well-being also out of their bed, e.g. by invitations to various cultural events.

Satisfied customers speaking for us are the best reward. Here you can read what they say: References of our customers 



We are experienced in production of very atypical beds for our demanding customers who come with their own requirements. These requirements include very atypical dimensions, shapes of beds, their building-in or attachment, various bed functionalities, combinations with already built-in furniture ... and many other aspects characterizing the uniqueness of each customer. Our advantage lies in ensuring quality sleep in combination with an already existing bed. If, for example, our customers have an antique bed frame that they want to keep but still they want to enjoy healthy sleep on a quality bed, we can arrange production of boxsprings, mattresses and toppers that will fit into the already existing bed frame so its appearance would not be harmed. Thus, the customers will keep the look of their bed and they will also sleep well and heathy, which is important.  With respect to the shape of your bed, you need not stick to a standard shape, you may get even a round bed in LUXURY SLEEPING.

Transport and installation in a place determined by the customer in the Czech Republic goes without saying.

If our customer is about to move, we are ready to offer professional services related to bed moving.

We are also able to ensure exchange of mattress filling in case the customer changes their perception of the main mattress firmness (e.g. due to dramatic changes in figure/weight in a shorter period of time).

Another advantage of our beds are unique components that we offer as the only company on the market. One of them is the topper with filling containing mini pocket springs. The magic of this filling lies in body support being active point by point so it ensures optimal backbone position. We offer this topper with height of up to 18 cm!   



In comparison to other bed manufacturers we can show off a unique technology of ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM processing. You need not compromise between functionality and maintaining quality of sleep with our beds. Our adjustable systems are made so that the sleeping base in form of boxsprings (i.e. springs) is still used and it may be additionally adjusted. The adjustable boxspring itself is completely upholstered, so it looks nice even if elevated since it corresponds with the design of the whole bed.




Our beds are genuine continental beds containing a BOXSPRING.

The boxspring ensures the right support of the body for perfect regeneration. Not all offered high beds on the market are equipped with the right base which is the boxspring. Some manufacturers/sellers offer models where the base system contains only slats that cannot provide the right comfort for sleeping. Some manufacturers even offer a storage space for high beds. In case of a real boxspring, you cannot have a storage space since the main filling is represented by a sophisticated spring system.   



Boxspring forms a solid bed base replacing slat frames. The advantage of boxsprings in comparison to slat systems is incomparably longer durability and eliminated noise that face mainly beds containing slat frames. Our boxsprings are made of a solid pine wood frame and contain a set of springs that may “communicate” with springs in the mattress. Any body motion on the mattress does not cause any reverse action since the motion is absorbed by the spring system in the boxspring.

A proper boxspring contains a spring system in combination with purely natural materials like horsehair, natural latex, layers of pure wool, cotton or linen, all put in a solid wooden upholstered frame. So there are no hard and unpleasant consequences when moving around close to the bed.

Another layer is formed by a main mattress filled with natural materials (like sheep wool, cotton, linen and horsehair) in combination with pocket springs of a patented system which provides for an ideal support of your body. Next, you will choose the best mattress firmness for you out of 6 offered options.

You may enjoy a perfect feeling during laying down thanks to a topper which crowns the whole sleeping area of the bed. In our shop you can select the filling of the topper that will suit you the most. Besides horsehair or natural latex, you can have the filling made by already mentioned mini pocket springs.

The fact that every bed or mattress is unique, individually made so that it fulfilled your personal demands with respect to the best support of your body and with respect to the design of your bedroom proves the uniqueness of LUXURY SLEEPING beds.

Each component is custom-made starting with legs continuing with boxsprings, mattresses, headboards up to the material, colour and decorative accessories like Swarowski crystals or diamonds in the headboards.



Tradition of thorough craft

Tradition of thorough craft awarded by the Royal quality award, application of only the best natural materials and tradition of quality craft production longer than 100 years guarantee quality sleep for all your life.

Now you know why you should visit us and try unique royal beds.

We are looking forward to seeing you!   



Traditional manufacturer of manuály, custom-made high continental beds, adjustable beds and mattresses. Made with the finest  natural materials for 100 years and awarded by the Dutch Royal Family the beds guarantee a superb night's sleept that will leave you feeling well rested, fresh and full of energy for the day.

Kuperus mattresses are manufactured individually based on the cusotmer´ requirements as it goes to hardness of the mattress. Incorporated massage system could be applied directly in your mattress. Your luxurious mattress provides you with a massage every day at your home.

Traditional manufacturer of high continental beds, adjustable beds, upholstered beds and mattresses. The beds use the latest technologies and come with a, unique spring system Inside Pocket Spring, modern adjustable systems and accessories – a guarantee of a healthy night's sleep and rest.

Bed linen and home textiles from the SLABBINCK brand offers a unique decoration of every household, in bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. They provide  exquisite collections with top quality and timeless design. SLABBINCK linen and textiles triggers the imagination of customers who can design their own decorations for bed linen, towels and table cloths. You can became the designer of your own collection. Tailoring for your home.