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It is said that experience comes with the age. And experience together with hard work result in quality. Decades of proven quality create tradition. We are proud to exclusively represent brands having long tradition. Brands of the best manufacturers of manually custom-made beds for more than 100 years.
You will find luxury beds of renowned global brands KUPERUS, PULLMAN and Treca in our LUXURY SLEEPING showroom where you will be perfectly treated by our professional team with long-term experience. Thanks to years of thorough craftsmanship, these manufacturers truly are masters of their craft and they trust their quality so much that they provide a guarantee of 25 years. 



Manual craft production with long tradition and royal lineage guarantees the best quality.

Sjoerd Kuperus was at the origin of the Kuperus brand when he started to manually manufacture beds in a small town of Almelo in Holland in 1905. Even in difficult times, they were able to produce precision crafted products that excelled in quality. The whole family was engaged into production, including his two sons - Hidde and Gerrit Kuperus - who took over the brand after their father’s death. Right before the WWII, Sjoerd Kuperus Jr., the son of the company founder, applied for an European patent for their unique beds. Kuperus survived the war and also the German occupation. After the war, the company moved to larger premises and increased their production volume.

During the second half of the 20th century, the process of bed manufacturing was innovated with the help of experienced and skillful craftsmen. Till today, the KUPERUS brand remains committed to thorough 100% manual production that guarantees high quality and special attention during production of every single bed. Meeting customers’ demands is the main idea of the KUPERUS brand which is also reflected in their motto “Never accept less than the best!”   



Centennial efforts led to gaining the Royal quality guarantee, which is awarded solely to manufacturers existing at least for 100 years during which they meet standards of the best quality of their products and services and they are verified suppliers of products for the Dutch royal family.
KUPERUS puts the main emphasis on materials, composition and processing ... all according to the choice and specific requirements of customers. One hundred years of experience, thorough processing, application of only natural materials and extraordinary attention paid to individual requirements of their customers.



In 2005 the company Kuperus got the award of the Royal family, who buy and use Kuperus beds, for their long-term tradition in high quality craft work.
KUPERUS is thus proud to hold the Royal award. KUPERUS are beds fitted for a king.
Currently, KUPERUS is a mature and respected brand of beds that combines established tradition with demands of modern age in a convenient and elegant way. It manufacturers high adjustable upholstered beds with the option to incorporate advanced massage systems directly into mattresses.




PULLMAN is one of the few brands which may pride themselves on a tradition longer than 150 years and at the same time on the world-leading role in development of bed spring systems.
Georgie Mortimer Pullman started the company 150 years ago when he came with a great idea and fundamentally changed the perception of comfort and luxury during travelling by train. He utilized his rich experience in design of spring systems that became a byword for quality relaxation and sleep already at the beginning of the last century. The PULLMAN brand has irreversibly connected to luxury and quality.
Since then, several products are offered under the PULLMAN brand. For example a famous hotel network or the most luxurious Mercedes version, whenever Pullman is involved, it is always a product that is unique in a way.
The origin of the Pullman comfort concept of sleep goes back to 1865 when George Pullman invented a unique spring system and applied it in luxury trains, e.g. Orient Express. Pullman has been designing and manufacturing mattresses, beds and comfortable toppers in Holland since 1937. Purely Dutch products are made by the best designers and craftsmen based on the vision that customers have their own unique needs and demands on style, colours and comfort.