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ALEXIA – The Kuperus flagship 

Queen of beds! Its manual production takes 164 hours. It contains only natural materials and 4 spring layers ensuring the most comfortable sleep.

There is no better bed! Are you looking for a really good investment? It is here! The value of this bed is virtually inestimable. But we have prepared a price for your that you cannot resist!

Dimensions: 180x210cm.

Alexia boxsprings: contain 2 rows of springs and doubled distributing layers from the best natural materials.

Alexia mattress: pocket springs, individually covered, distributing layers from horsehair, wool, cotton and jute. The mattress is in one piece and still keeping different firmness levels for each sleeping person - X Firm and XX Firm. It is a perfect combination with respect to sleeping comfort.

Topper: unique topper filled with mini pocket springs, horsehair, wool and cotton. Interlaced with silver fibres.

Headboard: decorated with fine buttons, top part elegantly rounded.

Standardní cena: 680.451,- Kč
SPECIAL PRICE: 626.500,- Kč

CAPITA - Bed by Kuperus - the royal manufacturer of beds - SOLD

This utterly elegant model results from haute couture of Dutch master craftsmen in production of beds. Perfectly handmade bed till its very last detail is decorated with the Capita headboard for all lovers of luxurious looks.

Dimensions: 180x200 cm. You may enjoy restful sleep every night thanks to the continental type of the bed containing boxsprings filled with a combination of springs and natural materials (horsehair, wool, cotton, linen and jute). Boxsprings are covered as one piece thus visually acting as one.

The mattress also contains pocket springs with a distributing layer of horsehair, wool and cotton. The mattress is decorated with side embroideries. It is a one-piece mattress having 180x200 cm but offering two different firmness values (XX Firm and XXX Firm). Suitable for fans of larger sleeping area.

Topper contains horsehair filling specially treated for perfect and trouble-free using, dimensions 180x200 cm.

Headboard: handmade and precisely stitched to get a rounded design. Covered by a luxurious fabric in light beige with minimalistic streaky design; easily maintained surface.

Standard price: 425,051.00 CZK 

SPECIAL PRICE: 323.000.00 CZK 

KATE – adjustable bed by Kuperus

Would you like to have a bed where, besides healthy sleep, you could enjoy other activities as well? Reading a book, watching TV, using a tablet for work or breakfast in bed ... Its exactly this bed that will offer comfort resting due to its adjustable system and still keeping the base made of boxsprings! No compromise between healthy sleep and comfort!

Dimensions: 180x200 cm.

The genuine Falun boxsprings with a spring system equipped with perfect adjustment (each side independently). You may choose the required position with a remote control and adjust the upper and the bottom part independently. The Siljan mattress containing a combination of natural materials enabling perfect circulation of air (pocket springs, coconut fibres, cotton).

Combination of two firmnessess (Medium and Firm) is a great choice for lovers of firmer sleeping surfaces. The Visby topper is accommodated to adjusting by a split in its upper part (division in shoulder area). Its filling is made of Talalay natural latex (i.e. completely 100% natural latex - milk from rubber trees).

The Kate headboard is handmade, upholstered and formed from individual panels united in a subtle frame. The upholstering is easily maintained.

Standard price: 318,541.00 CZK

SPECIAL PRICE: 250,000.00 CZK 

MAXIMA - Bed by Kuperus

Luxurious gentle beauty offering royal sleep. Elegant design of the headboard combined with soft upholstery will accompany you every night in your infinitely restful sleep.

Dimensions: 180x200 cm.

This handmade bed with Malmo boxsprings containing a smart combination of springs and natural materials like horsehair, wool, cotton, linen and jute will give you super quality sleep.

Malmo mattress: pocket springs in combination with horsehair, wool and cotton enabling perfect adaptation to your body. Combination of two firmness levels (X Firm and Medium) is an option for more gentle sleep.

Topper: filling from 100% Talalay natural latex (pure milk from rubber trees) covered with sheep wool and cotton, 180x200 cm.

Headboard: precisely made from individually upholstered segments inserted into one unit. The elegance of the bed is emphasized by a luxurious upholstering material in a unique shade.

Standard price: 350,035.00 CZK

AXANA – Top-class adjustable bed by Kuperus - SOLD

A bed for high-end customers. For a special price, you may get a bed with cutting-edge adjustment that will enable you to sleep well but also rest and relax perfectly. The adjustable system is equipped with genuine full-size boxsprings containing a spring system. In our shop, you need not compromise between healthy sleep and comfort resting!

Dimensions: 180x200 cm.

Boxsprings: The luxurious Malmo boxsprings contain a spring system, horsehair, wool, cotton, jute and linen. They are fitted with top quality adjustable systems that will provide you with the maximum comfort. Remote-controlled adjusting. One side of the bed has the VIP 4 Elite adjustable system with Slide Back which helps to form a chair from your bed by sliding the whole sitting/laying part. The other side of the bed is equipped with VIP 4 positioning which enables positioning of your head, shoulders, thighs and calves.

Mattress: Malmo contains individually covered pocket springs in combination with horsehair, wool and cotton enabling perfect adaptation to your body. Perfect support is provided by a combination of two firmness levels (Firm and XX Firm).

Topper: one topper with a unique (single on the market) filling from mini pocket springs active point by point for optimal backbone support. The other topper contains filling from 100% Talalay natural latex. Covers of both toppers are made from pure sheep wool and cotton.

The bed is decorated by a dominant headboard made of individually upholstered panels. Exclusive upholstering material in light creamy shade.

Standard price: 549,554.00 CZK

TRECA INTERIORS PARIS, Cosy bed model from a French manufacturer

The French charm will infuse into your bedroom with a bed by TRECA, a French manufacturer of beds.

Dimensions: 180x200 cm.

This quality bed contains two base systems in one cover, which give the impression of a single unit. Extremely comfortable mattress from Prestige collection are firm and contain pocket springs and natural latex. Its lightweight topper is made as one piece and so it uniforms the sleeping area. The headboard of the bed is playful but also practical thanks to its removable decorative cushion. Colours of the upholstering material are stylish and suitable for decent bedroom designs.

Standard price: 411,066.00 CZK

TRUMP HOME limited edition, Gold Splendor

LAST CHANCE to invite a president into your bedroom! LAST CHANCE of TRUMP Home limited edition. Only a fey pieces were made and you can be one of the few who bought a bed from this edition.

Dimensions: 180x200 cm.

This luxury bed has two base systems covered in elegant black colour with an interlaced pattern and damask. These form a base for a luxurious Gold Splendor mattress (firmer version Firm) with a magnificent TH logo in the middle and on the front side. There are no doubts about quality and you cannot fail to notice black elaborated handgrips. The core of the mattress is made by a unique system of SmartCoil - DOUBLED POCKET SPRINGS which are perfect for support of your backbone. The mattress contains an integrated topper. The look of the bed is emphasized by a timeless headboard with buttons from the same luxurious material like the base of the bed, i.e. damask fabric with interlaced patterns. This bed is designed for lovers of luxury and will be a jewel in your bedroom which will turn it into your favourite room.  

Standard price: 282,087.00 CZK