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Each person is unique and so is any product sold in LUXURY SLEEPING. Every product is tailor-made and customized with the option to choose from a wide range of colours and materials. It is even possible to manufacture products like beds, mattresses or bed linen based on your own design.



Our bed is original and unique because of your own choice and determination of individual bed features and its final design. In our shop, you will become the designer of your bed.
The fact that the bed was manufactured for you based on your own design is proved by your name being embroidered directly on the mattress. Beds in LUXURY SLEEPING truly are “Haute Couture” and you are The Designer.



We are experienced in production of very atypical beds for our demanding customers who come with their own requirements. These requirements include very atypical dimensions, shapes of beds, their building-in or attachment, various bed functionalities, combinations with already built-in furniture ... and many other aspects characterizing the uniqueness of each customer. Our advantage lies in ensuring quality sleep in combination with an already existing bed. If, for example, our customers have an antique bed frame that they want to keep but still they want to enjoy healthy sleep on a quality bed, we can arrange production of boxsprings, mattresses and toppers that will fit into the already existing bed frame so its appearance would not be harmed. Thus, the customers will keep the look of their bed and they will also sleep well and heathy, which is important

The essential and the most important thing about a bed is the best possible sleep and comfort. This is determined by the type and the firmness of mattresses and base systems, so called boxsprings. The dimensions matter! The size of the bed where you want to sleep or just lounge around is only up to you. You may ask for any size of the bed with respect to its length or width, be it a single or double bed. You will determine the total height of the bed by selecting individual bed layers. Next, you will choose the best mattress firmness for you out of 6 offered options.

Another component that you may influence is the topper. Here, you will select its filling that in combination with the main mattress will give you the best feeling during laying down. As the only one in the market, we offer a topper having a core made of mini pocket springs.


You must not also forget the functionality of your bed. Comfortable resting is ensured by an adjustable remote-controlled system where you can independently position your limbs as you like it. We can arrange for a special adjustable bed having the “lift-up” function, i.e. it may be elevated when providing home care of bedridden persons.


And something extra! You can get a very gentle massage from your own mattress due to a remote-controlled massage system!


The design of your bed is important because your bed should harmonize with your interior, it should suit you in size, shape and colour. In case of quality custom-made beds, you can determine the appearance of the whole bed.
The headboard sets the appearance of the bed. Generous space can be emphasized with a large headboard. However, the headboard may have the same width as the bed and thus create a compact unit suitable also into smaller areas. You can choose a shape of the headboard which can be geometrically regular, aligned or rounded. And the headboard may be manufactured based on your own design. Least but not last, your taste with respect to ornateness, i.e. decoration of your headboard, also matters. Do you like decorations like decorative buttons, stitching, embroideries, ornaments or do you want something even more decorative like Swarowski crystals or real diamonds?
A wide selection of upholstery materials is endless and counts more than 1000 fabric types. You can choose from fabrics with different surfaces - smooth or structured, velvety, having short or longer piles, pure natural linen or cotton, with admixture of wool, genuine leather or eco leather. Should anyone desire a special material type, all they have to do is to deliver it and their bed will be manufactured from the upholstery material of its future owner. 



You must also provide your bed with “shoes” of your own taste. The legs may be made of genuine solid wood or metal. The shape and the colour depends on you. They may be high or low, square or cylindrical, conical, angular, thinner or thicker ... It is up to you.



The power of nature

Natural materials in different layers in precisely specified thickness and succession.
Natural raw materials significantly contribute to the airiness of the bed. Horsehair, cotton, pure wool, linen, pine wood ... all is natural. Proper application of these materials enables to reach a pleasant temperature and moistness. So you can have the best relax and feeling from a good night both in summer and in winter.
In KUPERUS beds you will not find any trace of machine production or chemicals! They are manually custom-made by specialized craftsmen passing experience from generation to generation, only from natural materials like horsehair, pure sheep wool, linen, cotton and wood from Swedish pines.



The fact that the bed was manufactured individually based on customer’s requirements and needs is proved by the uniqueness of its look and functionality.
Any such bed is an absolute unique original that is crowned by a plate with the name of its user. No wonder that these beds are worthy of the Dutch royal family who have grown fond of them. And you deserve royal comfort too! 


Traditional manufacturer of manuály, custom-made high continental beds, adjustable beds and mattresses. Made with the finest  natural materials for 100 years and awarded by the Dutch Royal Family the beds guarantee a superb night's sleept that will leave you feeling well rested, fresh and full of energy for the day.

Kuperus mattresses are manufactured individually based on the cusotmer´ requirements as it goes to hardness of the mattress. Incorporated massage system could be applied directly in your mattress. Your luxurious mattress provides you with a massage every day at your home.

Traditional manufacturer of high continental beds, adjustable beds, upholstered beds and mattresses. The beds use the latest technologies and come with a, unique spring system Inside Pocket Spring, modern adjustable systems and accessories – a guarantee of a healthy night's sleep and rest.

Bed linen and home textiles from the SLABBINCK brand offers a unique decoration of every household, in bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. They provide  exquisite collections with top quality and timeless design. SLABBINCK linen and textiles triggers the imagination of customers who can design their own decorations for bed linen, towels and table cloths. You can became the designer of your own collection. Tailoring for your home.